Shine through your Leggings


When fashion comes to topic the first thing I do, I encourage people to show their personality as much as possible. We are not all painters, musicians, actors, but we can definitely be our favorite artists without microphone or paint brushes. We just have to put on our individuality and show to the world who we are. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you are in doubt, don’t worry, I can assure you, everyone is struggling at some point in the morning. Maybe it’s the shoes, maybe the hair, but we always query something. The key is, to be brave. Everyone can be chick and good-looking in their favorite blue jeans and white shirt. But if you’re reading I’m sure you are craving for something more.  So today I challenge you to invest in a holographic leggings.

At first it may sound a weird and crazy idea. What would everyone think, if they saw you in such an ostentatious, violent piece. But every revolution, every new design in the history of fashion started with an idea like that. Just imagine what could people think when they saw the first woman wearing pants? It must have been shocking and repulsive. And now it is the most worn, most useful and most crucial piece in our wardrobe. Obviously, I’m not saying, that holographic design should be the supporting pillar of your wardrobe. It would lose  its magic. I’m only suggesting, that ‘impossible’ can easily turn into ‘I’m possible’. And yes, you are absolutely capable of wearing something vivid, extravagant, without transforming yourself into a peacock. Holographic leggings on you shout out to the world: I’m daring, brave, stylish and unique. When they look at the crowd, anyone can spot you and remember you, without any additional effort. A hologram means the recording of a light field, and it changes with any change in the relative position of the observer. It is a pattern of random variations in opacity, density and depth. It’s just like describing a personality. It all depends on perspective. And this is how our style should be: multi-lateral, diversified and layered. Holographic design can represent all these qualities if you know how to rock it. It’s not a difficult job. Wear it with black or white, you don’t need a big effort. The key thing is to be proud of it, and don’t be afraid of those judgy eyes. You will make a memorable impression. And why do I suggest holographic leggings? Because leggings are the most comfortable and convenient clothing items. If you wear something vivid like holographic print, you definitely want to feel leisured and easy. You can mix it with a dress, T-shirt, tunic, blouse, you can make it sporty with sneakers and full-cap, serious with oxford shoes, sweater, statement necklace, or elegant with sandals and sheer fabrics. But you don’t have to follow any rule, the sky is the limit.

If you are not brave enough yet, start with something smaller: shorts, sandals, jewelry. When you get used to the idea, you can rock bolder items, and you can become a fashion queen instantly. Be careful, dress for your body shape, match everything, because holographic leggings are risky. But if you pair it correctly you will have a good outfit day. Let your leggings shine, but at the same time, don’t forget to glow from within.

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