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Shine through your Leggings


When fashion comes to topic the first thing I do, I encourage people to show their personality as much as possible. We are not all painters, musicians, actors, but we can definitely be our favorite artists without microphone or paint brushes. We just have to put on our individuality and show to the world who we are. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you are in doubt, don’t worry, I can assure you, everyone is struggling at some point in the morning. Maybe it’s the shoes, maybe the hair, but we always query something. The key is, to be brave. Everyone can be chick and good-looking in their favorite blue jeans and white shirt. But if you’re reading I’m sure you are craving for something more.  So today I challenge you to invest in a holographic leggings.

At first it may sound a weird and crazy idea. What would everyone think, if they saw you in such an ostentatious, violent piece. But every revolution, every new design in the history of fashion started with an idea like that. Just imagine what could people think when they saw the first woman wearing pants? It must have been shocking and repulsive. And now it is the most worn, most useful and most crucial piece in our wardrobe. Obviously, I’m not saying, that holographic design should be the supporting pillar of your wardrobe. It would lose  its magic. I’m only suggesting, that ‘impossible’ can easily turn into ‘I’m possible’. And yes, you are absolutely capable of wearing something vivid, extravagant, without transforming yourself into a peacock. Holographic leggings on you shout out to the world: I’m daring, brave, stylish and unique. When they look at the crowd, anyone can spot you and remember you, without any additional effort. A hologram means the recording of a light field, and it changes with any change in the relative position of the observer. It is a pattern of random variations in opacity, density and depth. It’s just like describing a personality. It all depends on perspective. And this is how our style should be: multi-lateral, diversified and layered. Holographic design can represent all these qualities if you know how to rock it. It’s not a difficult job. Wear it with black or white, you don’t need a big effort. The key thing is to be proud of it, and don’t be afraid of those judgy eyes. You will make a memorable impression. And why do I suggest holographic leggings? Because leggings are the most comfortable and convenient clothing items. If you wear something vivid like holographic print, you definitely want to feel leisured and easy. You can mix it with a dress, T-shirt, tunic, blouse, you can make it sporty with sneakers and full-cap, serious with oxford shoes, sweater, statement necklace, or elegant with sandals and sheer fabrics. But you don’t have to follow any rule, the sky is the limit.

If you are not brave enough yet, start with something smaller: shorts, sandals, jewelry. When you get used to the idea, you can rock bolder items, and you can become a fashion queen instantly. Be careful, dress for your body shape, match everything, because holographic leggings are risky. But if you pair it correctly you will have a good outfit day. Let your leggings shine, but at the same time, don’t forget to glow from within.


Some Guidelines For Successfully Buying Leggings From Various Available Leggings For Sale

Leggings pattern for sale

The popularity of leggings is on rise and you will find hardly any women who do not have a single piece of it in their wardrobe. It has become a must have garment that can be paired with other garments or else it can be worn in their own. Along with keeping the wearer’s leg warmer the leggings also make you look good and stylish enough if it is chosen successfully.

There are so many available styles, design and leggings pattern to choose from and the buyers are required to pick up the right piece from various available leggings for sale by considering their body shape and the needs. Here are some tips that will help you buying the leggings successfully.

  • Look out the sizing chart: Always have a look at the sizing chart whether it is an offline shopping or online shopping because the size varies according to the brands. And then measure your hips and waist to select the right size for you. In case you notice that your size is actually between two sizes, consider having the bigger one.
  • Consider the leggings material: The material of the leggings matters a lot as it can be worn with many outfits. This is the reason the buyers are required to select the material keeping in mind the purpose. Leggings are made of various materials such as Lycra, spandex blend, cotton, wool, silk and other fabric. So, select the right material that will go perfectly with the intended dress.
  • Consider the length: Leggings are available in various lengths such as mid-calf, knee length, full length, stirrup and more. Again the length is to be chosen by considering the purpose. The height also has a great role to play here. Taller women will look good in mid-calf or in the knee length leggings whereas women with short height are advised to go for the full length leggings.
  • Consider the body type: The leggings pattern you are choosing depends a lot on the body shape as well. While the knee length leggings are perfect for all those who have fat legs the mid-calf and wider calf leggings suit better them having slim legs. The ankle length brings an elongate look and it is just perfect for all body shapes.

If the above points are considered, no doubt you can pick up the right piece of leggings from various available leggings for sale. One more important point to consider is the comfort level. Never compromise the comfort level only for money. The leggings are mainly intended for the casual wear so the designers always keep in mind the comfort. Ensure the legging is stretchable enough and the elastic band is not much restrictive in the waist area.

Also do not mix up the tights and leggings. The tights are prepared from thinner material and they are mainly intended for the winter wear whereas leggings are made with thicker materials and are worn in every season.


How To Wear Printed Leggings To Look Your Best

Printed leggings designed for you

The leggings do not come with any zip, button and pockets when compared with pants but still it is the best way to cover up the backside in any season. This is the most preferred fashion wear by all those ladies who generally love wearing short dresses.

But always remember that it is not a pant and you should not wear it in place of jeans, sweat or slacks. Rather pair it with the right clothes and look pretty awesome while stylish also at the same time. Here are some examples of how to wear leggings.

  • The leggings paired with long sweater will look excellent in the winter season. But make sure the legging is fitting you properly to avoid the bag lady look. Also the long boot and scarf will look great with it. If you want a more shape defining look, add a belt in the sweater and look like the stylish queen.
  • The designed leggings are very stylish and they are best suited in the summer season when paired with a dress, skirt or tunic. This is the perfect look for night out but it will also look great while going for shopping or lunch.
  • When it comes to the cheap printed leggings, you can consider wearing the animal printed leggings to convey a bold look. The animal printed leggings are just perfect to bring a bold look and you should have enough guts to carry it properly. But again it should be paired with the right clothing otherwise the whole look will be ruined. Any animal printed such as Zebra print leggings or be it cheetah printed leggings, it will look good if worn with long top, skirt and dresses.
  • Various colorful leggings are available in the market that you can wear to cut down the boring look. A bold color legging when paired with the neutrals, looks really great in any season. For example, neon green leggings will look really cute if worn with the neutral colors.


This is a fashion wear that anyone of any age can wear. Leggings are available for plus size women also so you can wear it in case you are overweight. But never wear it with short top as already said it is not a pant and if worn in place of the pant, it will completely ruin the look. Leggings are far better than tights if you consider wearing it in the winter season as this is thicker and provides good coverage for the legs as well.

But after the age of 40, the leggings are best worn as supportive element for the other clothes. As leggings generally reveal all the curve of the legs so it will be best not to use the leggings as the main garment rather paring it with knee length dress is perfect to stay in the style. So, pick up the right leggings as per your choice and wear it with the perfect dress to maintain a classy and stylish look.


Different Types Of Leggings And Ways To Wear Them For Looking Stylish

Designed Leggings

Leggings have become a must have fashion wear these days and most of the women are having great collection of leggings in their wardrobe. The reason is, this fashion wear goes very well with different kinds of clothing in various ways. Also this is very comfortable, easy to wear and carry. Regardless of any season, you can wear it to bring a fantastic look.

Now these leggings are not only of one type rather various types, colors and sizes are available and each of them should be worn with the right pieces of clothing to look stylish and beautiful. For example, taupe leggings are the color that complements your dress perfectly. Also ensure to have the leggings tight enough to look smart. However, some leggings type and ways to wear them are mentioned here.Cargo leggings

  • Cargo leggings are the type of leggings that are having all those functionalities of a cargo pant. These leggings
    are equipped with left and right pockets which are fully functional. This kind of leggings is very appealing and brings a perfect sexy look. It can be worn in any occasion. Whether it is a casual get together, dinner party, lunch or night out, this kind of leggings are just perfect for every occasion. It will look best with short dresses.



  • Bandage leggings are another type that is very comfortable, stretchable and looks fun. This is a kind of leggings that look very much like the bandage where some parts of the leggings are transparent and other parts are thicker. You can team them up with slight long top and look stylish.

Bandage Leggings


  • Wet LeggingsWet leggings look glossy and wet. A relaxed, loose-fitting top is just perfect with this kind of leggings. Mainly the tops made from viscose or cotton that have drapes are the perfect pairing with the wet look leggings.






Apart from the above, leggings have many other forms if the length is considered. It is available in various lengths and these are explained here.

Ankle length leggings:

Ankle length leggings have the ankle length. This is the most popular type and goes with all kind of dresses because of their versatility. These leggings are best to wear in the winter season due to the full coverage and warmness. Ankle length leggings are best paired with tunics, short dresses, tea, tank and shirt dresses.

Mid-calf length:

This type of legging is a little bigger than the knee length. But women with little more height look good in this type. This brings a casual, sexy and chic look.


These types of legging have more than ankle length and it has straps that go under the feet as well.

Footed leggings:

This is very similar to that of the tights, so you can wear them in the winter season with any kind of dresses.

Also many more other types of leggings are available in the market. Consider your height, body shape, the dress with which it will be worn and pick up the right piece for you.




Do’s And Don’ts When Buying Cheap Black Leggings

Cool Black Leggings by

Leggings, the most stylish and comfortable wear for women are also functional for gym. Buying a pair of leggings can be an exciting and fun process if you are well experienced about the various types of leggings designs and styles but those who do not have enough experience about leggings, buying the right one could be little overwhelming and you may end up buying the one that does not look good on you or does not go well with your other clothes.

Body type, leggings length, material, everything has a role to play with when buying a pair of leggings black for you. Here are some important dos and don’ts that will help you to make your purchase successful.


Check the sizing chart

You should always check a sizing chart when buying leggings or any other clothes because the size may differ from brand to brand. Designers usually offer a size chart to customers to check the measurements, so first take a measurement of your hip and waist. If you find that your own measurements is in between two sizes when comparing to the chart sizes, then go for the larger size.

Consider length

Leggings come in a variety of lengths such as:

Cheap black & shiny leggings

  • Ankle
  • length
  • Knee-length
  • Capri
  • Stirrup

Ankle length- The length of such leggings reaches down to the ankles, covering the entire legs. You can wear it with skirts, as a form of pants and with other apparels.

Knee-length- The length of this type of leggings comes just below the knee. You can pair it up with different dresses and its ideal for yoga, exercise and dance.

Capri- It reaches to the mid-calf. Capri leggings are similar to ankle length leggings however they are less formal. You can wear it with long shirts and underneath athletic apparels.

Stirrup- Stirrup leggings have a strap that wraps around the foot to prevent the leggings going up the wearer’s legs. These types of leggings are usually worn as pants and are available in a variety of colors.

Consider leggings material

Leggings are multifunctional and can be paired up with various clothes, so you should always consider the leggings materials. They are made from cotton, Lycra, wool, silk or other materials that are stretchable.

Leggings color

Black Shiny LeggingsLeggings are available in a huge diversity of color shade but if you want to use onelegging with several outfits, then go for black shiny leggings as black color goes with almost every color. Therefore, easily you can pair it up with many dresses.


Consider your body type

This is one of the most important factors to be taken care of when purchasing a pair of leggings for you. If your legs are thin, then consider buying mid-calf leggings while knee-length leggings look great on women with wider legs. Ankle-length leggings look good on all body types and add an elongated appearance if paired with high heel shoes.

If you consider all these above factors when buying cheap black leggings, you will end up finding yourself as a successful buyer.


Yoga Pants Cheap And Various Benefits Of Wearing It

Find out yoga pants cheap

Yoga pant is a very useful piece of clothing and people love having a pair of it in their wardrobe due to its versatile uses. Yoga pants are not only used during yoga these days but it is something more than that and can be worn everywhere. Yoga pants cheap are available in various types such as boot cut, full length, Capri, etc. This is very stretchable and has an elastic waistband that is just perfect for the maximum body movement. There are various reasons why people love wearing yoga pants these days. And these are described here.


The high waist yoga pants are versatile:

The yoga pants are very comfortable and easy to wear. These pants are not bound to the yoga classes rather you can wear it in every place such as for going out, shopping, for picking up your kids and more. You can choose from various styles available and these are:

High Waist Yoga Pants cheap

  • long
  • short
  • high waists
  • fleece-active
  • straight-legged
  • fold-over
  • flare bottoms




To look more stylish you can consider buying the high waist yoga pants.

Hygienic and sweat free:

Yoga pants are made from a material that is hygienic and sweat free. You can be worried free as no bad smell will be emitted from your body. So in case any day you are late and plan to walk to the office straight from the yoga class, there will be no need of changing dress just because of the musty smell.


Yoga pants are getting huge popularity these days especially because it is very convenient and easy to wear. It does not come with zip and there is no tight waistband which is just perfect for those suffering from bladder control issue. Also this is very easy to pull up and down which makes it a perfect dress during long journey.

Yoga pants are suitable for all types of exercises:

As already said, yoga pants are not only for yoga classes rather you can wear it for other purposes as well. These types of pants are suitable for running, walking, dancing, jogging and other various form of exercise apart from yoga. The reason is yoga pants are available in many cuts and the flexible yarn from which it is made.

This is figure flattering:

These pants are available in many shapes, styles and sizes so you can choose the one that suits your body shape most. Yoga pants enhance the figure nicely and it also flatters any kind of body shape. Therefore, whether you are tall, short or having a pear shape body, do not worry but buy the perfect piece for you.

So, there are innumerous benefits of wearing the yoga pants. And this pant can be worn outside the yoga classes as well. You can make the look more casual by paring the yoga pants with appropriate clothing and accessories. Overall the comfort, versatility, flexibility and other useful features of these pants made it a must have piece in every man and woman’s wardrobe.


Some Guidelines For Women Over 40 To Look Stylish In Cool leggings

Leggings for women over 40

Legging is a very comfortable and stylish wear that can be worn in any season and in any occasion. Also the age does not work as an obstacle here as women of all ages look really stylish and cool if the leggings are worn in proper way. But leggings should not be considered as trouser especially by the women over 40. To make sure that all the curves of your legs are not revealing along with having a classy look, it is advised to go for a bit looser fitting cool leggings.

When it comes to choosing the type of leggings, ensure the leggings are stretchable and thicker enough to show a good shape of the legs. So, the best thing is to investing in a good pair rather than going for the cheaper ones. Jeggings is a type of leggings that you can consider buying if a higher thickness legging is your requirement.

Mature woman in her home, using an iron as a weight to workout.Leggings are available in various length so you need to be little cautious when choosing the perfect length that will make you look classy and bring an elongate appearance. Ankle length leggings are always cool leggings that look perfect on all. Full length leggings make your legs look longer. The mid-calf and short leggings are also a good choice sometimes but those who are little short in height should better go for the full length only.

The young ladies can wear just anything with this comfortable and excellent style wear but when the age crosses 40, some guidelines are always good to follow when it comes to choosing what to wear with leggings to look stylish but decent. Leggings always look fabulous with tunic and short dresses. But try avoiding wearing skirts as leggings and skirts are really not the ideal combination for older women. The suggested garments with leggings are: tunic, short dress, long knitted sweater, long cardigan, wide sweater, sweater dress and asymmetric tops.

But there are really some dresses, top and leggings that do not fit the women over 40. Here is a list of dresses that you should avoid wearing when the age crosses 40.

  • Never wear a top that is too tight.
  • Any top the length of which goes more than the mid thigh is best to avoid.
  • Avoid wearing the animal printed leggings
  • Staying away from the fabric leggings.

So, some of the best ideas of wearing leggings are shared here that will help you look stylish and elongate at the same time. Age is not a factor if you really love wearing some dresses. But it is needed to follow some guidelines to make sure that the look is not ruined and you do not look vulgar.

To make the look more decent and elongate, wear same color shoe that is tall and flat. But high boots are not suggested at all with leggings after 40 unless you are bold enough and know to carry the dress comfortably.